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Share What You Love!

Ever since I joined Stampin’ Up! I realized that I wanted to Share What I Love! I love Stampin’ Up! because it was my creative outlet during a very stressful time in my life. I began this journey as a demonstrator after my grandma passed away.


Let’s take one step back…

The Long Version of My Why! (why I joined Stampin’ Up!)

When I was in college I had some health issues due to all the stress I was dealing. Between my pottery professor basically making me in charge of the pottery studio and classes to working on my senior art exhibit proposal to also knowing my grandma wasn’t doing the best and trying to finish my last year of college. Some how my body was telling me it was just too much stress to deal with. I was going through some depression and started having issues with my stomach causing me not what to eat even though I also felt hungry (weird and painful feelings).

Once I made my decision to leave college my whole body started to feel better. In fact I ate and started laughing without realizing it!

After I left college I got to visit my grandma in Florida while she was still pretty good. It was an interesting trip with my mom and older brother. One I will never forget! I believe that was in October 2012.

In late November my man and I went out to dinner with his mom. The next day we got a call that she was in the ER. Sadly she didn’t make it and we had to say our goodbyes to her.

The following year was just as rough. My grandma was declining and my mom went down to Florida to be her care taker when my Great Aunt wasn’t. My dad went down a couple times too. I went down with my mom at one point. I thought it was only going to be a week and I drive back myself. I ended up staying almost a month to be there to help my mom and care for my grandma. That time I will never regret!!

While my grandma would sleep, which was a lot, my mom and I would make cards. Well mom would say I made cards as she watched lol She said I put together like 6 cards while she was still working on one. This wasn’t even Stampin’ Up! products at the time since mom just bought things to keep her busy when no one else was around. Mom mentioned that we should look into Stampin’ Up! again because she thinks I would really enjoy it.

My mom was a demo in the early 2000’s then stopped because my grandpa had strokes and was declining.

My grandma passed away in early September. Now this was hard for many reasons including my birthday was only 11 days after.

I ended up joining Stampin’ Up! close to my dads birthday in October of 2013.

At first I knew it was my creative outlet since I no longer had a pottery studio available to me. I really enjoyed making cards. Sending… well never been very good at that lol Trying to be better!

As time went on I did classes and enjoyed teaching others! I always wanted to be a teacher of some kind! It was my childhood dream to be a teacher!


Fast forward to today! I love inspiring and sharing what I love with others! I even have a class later on sharing cards from this beautiful bundle! What bundle?

The Share What You Love Bundles. Stampin’ Up! created some beautiful products for a suite in the upcoming annual catalog in honor of their 30th Anniversary! The 30th is pearl so there’s beautiful pearl gems, pearl doilies and even the designer series paper has a pearlized foiled look to it!

Today’s project I just the “Gotta Have It All” bundle. I decided on this bundle since it had the designer series paper! But it also has 3 FREEBIES! One of the freebies is exclusive to this bundle and will not be available anywhere else, not even in the upcoming annual! The Statement of MY Heart stamp is Stampin’ Up!’s Statement of the Heart. It is a beautiful stamp with two types of fonts used to highlight some main points.


I used it in the middle of my framed art because it is a beautiful statement that I believe in! I believe it is not just a beautiful statement for demonstrators but for anyone that believes in sharing their creativity with others.

The other bundles are great too! I like how Stampin’ Up! names each bundle because they really fit. The first bundle is “Just Getting Started” which is great for those new to card making. The second one is ” A Little More, Please” which is for your casual card maker that likes to add some more embellishments to their cards. The last one “Gotta Have it All” is for those Avid card makers and paper crafters that want the designer series paper, embellishments and extra stamps!


The designer series paper is so special! Not only is it pearlized foil but its thicker so great for gift bags and boxes! Plus it is a larger pack!!! You could make more than 72 cards from this pack!!! I hope you enjoyed my framed art piece! I can’t wait to hang it up and always have that special reminder to keep going, keep trying and help others!

May Hostess Code

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects for the Share What You Love Bundles! To get yours order at My Stampin’ Up! Store using the Hostess Code from above! There will be goodies you will earn from buying from me! Plus get a handmade card of course!

Bundle 1: A PDF Tutorial with 3 projects using the supplies from this bundle.

Bundle 2: A PDF Tutorial with the above 3 projects plus 3 more that specifically go with the bundle choice.

Bundle 3: PDF Tutorial with 9 projects including the ones from the bundles above. Plus a pack of embellishments!

Again thank you for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying the blog hop!If you order use my monthly Hostess Code so I can send you a thank you gift. If your order is over $150 please don’t use the code, so you can get the Stampin’ Rewards. I will still send you a thank you gift! If you would like a catalog, live in the US and, don’t already have a demonstrator please contact me and I will send you one!

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Have a great Tuesday!

Keep Stampin’

Britney Vanderlaan

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