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World Card Making Day 2017

Tomorrow is World Card Making Day! Are you planning to make some cards? I hope to get some Thinking of You cards done to send to some of my close friends. I love getting Happy Mail and I want to put a smile on some of my friends faces as we have our own daily struggles.

If you don’t have everything for making a card today, don’t fret. Grab a piece of computer paper and fold it in half. You can cut some images from magazines, print from the computer or put your drawing skills to use. Send someone a card today and make their day!

Have your kids make a card for a family member that may need some uplifting.

Card making is a very rewarding hobby and business! You never know what that card means to someone. Sometimes they will tell you and other times they don’t but in the end most people love receiving a card because it means your thinking about them.

Personally I received cards from my grandparents for most of my life. I didn’t realize how precious those memories were until my grandma passed away. I was organizing my room and saw some of my old birthday cards. Seeing her signature and the cards she picked out and reading the messages she underlined inside meant more to me after the fact. I now cherish cards I receive and realize they are a small piece of time that someone was thinking about me.

That is part of why I love making cards! So these 4 cards in the pictures above were the cards that my stampers got to create at my last Handmade Holidays Christmas Cards class. They made 2 of each design. I wanted to try to go a little more nontraditional color wise with these Christmas cards. They were fun to design and watch how my stampers each put their own twist on them!

Which one is your favorite?

If you make a card today, no matter how, share a picture with me on social media and use #hopepapercreations so I can check them out! I should dig up some of my first cards I made, they weren’t anywhere close to looking like the ones above. We all start from the bottom up and build on our skills. Want to learn more about card making then keep an eye out for my to go classes. They classes will have a pdf with photos and instructions.

Have a great World Card Making Day!!

~Britney Vanderlaan



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